Marvel Studios has just started filming its first black superhero movie, BLACK PANTHER.

My Other Man chose a King who embraced the essence of the quintessential African superhero for a tribute photo shoot.  ROYAL is his name and it says it all.  Like Prince T’Challa of Wakanda aka Black Panther, Royal is majestic, mesmerizing, muscular and mysterious.  Ladies, you’ve just been invited to his secret headquarters for a very personal look at the man under the costume in ALL his glory.

Height:  6’2”
Weight: 220 lbs.
Occupation:  Personal Trainer/Entrepreneur


What makes you a superhero?
My strength, speed, and ability to read body language are what make me a superhero. I love the gym and I've been able to test my strength and continue to grow physically and mentally. My speed on the field is definitely up to par and allows me to be quick and sprint to action and my ability to read body language has always been one of my best superhero traits. I can quickly control a conversation simply by reading a person’s body movements, eye placement and tone. Just a few of my traits 😉

What is it about you that most resembles a panther?
My speed. Very fast, I'm able to chase after what I want and catch it.

Who is your hero?
My hero is Denzel Washington. I grew up watching many of his movies and remember being young reenacting many of his movie roles. He has great morals; he’s a family man and definitely a greatly respected, intelligent black man. I look forward to following in his footsteps.

What do you look for in a Queen?
Simple really. I look for personality, intelligence, and a queen that makes me want to be a better man. There's nothing like having a woman that makes you want to improve everything in your life. It's exciting.

What is the Royal treatment when you go on a date?
My Royal treatment is starting the day off with making my queen breakfast in bed. We'll spend the rest of the morning in bed doing us, shower, then I’ll take her to lunch. Afterwards, let’s enjoy something outdoors, maybe hiking, walking in the park or the beach. Later, we get dinner and go to a movie then a nightcap back home 😉


Disclaimer:  Black Panther is the property of Marvel Worldwide Inc.  This is a tribute to the fictional character and My Other Man owns no rights to it.